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Our Story

LITEHaus ARCHITECTURE + DEVELOPMENT – Pushing the Boundaries of Architectural Services 

The name LITEHaus is a combination of “LIGHT” – ‘illumination’ and “Haus”- a German translation for” house” ; thus …building borne out of deeper insight\knowledge for its purpose, context and opportunities.


LITEHaus was birthed with strong passion to bridge the gap between the theories and the realities of a tropical environment. We are driven by the need to provide realistic, cost effective and sustainable solutions to the tropics through the use of local materials and appropriate technology – what we otherwise refer to as LOCAL ADVANTAGE.


We are a rising force, pushing the boundaries of living and working spaces to the limits of sustainability, technological processes and local materials in providing greater value for our clients through enhance d design, detailing and implementation.


Sustainable Solutions0%
Eco - Friendly Technological Processes0%
Local Advantage (Local Materials)0%
Value for Clients0%


The best buildings in history are the result of High consistency at all levels if their realization – from conception to completion, and have stood the test of time. Yet the best form of consistency is predicated upon COLLABORATION. Frank Llyod Weight (Paraphrased).


Our integrated approach comes to play on each project with common dreams, goals, values and budge of the project, thus we arrive at the same destination with every thought well considered throughout the project – Herein at this intersection lies the propelling force behind each stoke – our thought process – from deep insight and reflection of the tripartite forces of NATURE, LIFE & LIVING SYSTEMS.


LITEHaus ARCHITECTURE + DEVELOPMENT is an integrated practice with contemporary, creative and sustainable approach to ARCHITECTURE, CIVIL & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING. 

OUR TEAM is made up of DREAMERS, THINKERS AND DOERS…our pulse lies in seeking opportunities and unending possibilities. The STRENGTH of LITEHaus is the quality of its team …amazing group of individuals.


LH A + D is a Public Liability Company incorporated under the NUGERIAN law with its corporate head office at #5, Isheri-Magodo Road, Lagos. Constantly drawing inspiration firm nature, our buildings as a must, agrees with its NATURAL SYSTEMS and ECONOMIES. We pride ourselves in the exceptional deployment of local materials with appropriate technologies.


Our clients are as important to us as the process is to the product we hand over to them as theirs

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