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Hello friends, can you kindly spare me some minutes of your time as we draw salient truths together. I’d like to ask pertinent questions in highlighting the realities of our immediate environment. Ready

1. Do you belong to any resident or community development association?

2. What developmental projects are you embarking that are either duplicating the responsibilities of your governments…roads, water, street lighting e.t.c?

3. How many hours of #electricity did you enjoy from the #Nationalgrid in the last one month?

4. How many hours of the day do you run your generator – diesel or gasoline?

4. What do you do to keep your rooms cool – how many #airconditioning units do you run in your house?

5. Roughly how much do you spend in maintaining your house inclusive of #powerconsumption and lighting?

Take it or leave it, we live in an environment that calls for alternative options or resources that demand cost effective and sustainable solutions. That’s just the new normal!. Every day, every challenge and decisions pose the question – what are the #alternatives – whether consciously or otherwise.
Virtually in every endeavor across the globe, market and commodity drivers take best advantage of these options while promoting their products. #Sustainable options are drivers of progress and market share available to best thinkers world over. It’s a wild competition contingent on #sustainability, #innovation and #performance whether real or sheer slogan. TESLA for instance, provides options of driving clean energy cars which is good music to the ears of countries bidding farewell to fossil fuel…
Yet in other countries, these reverberations are at best a distant drum with no immediate effect. Green is a mere slogan and not the practice. However, the baselines for the clamor among others remain genuine concerns for sustainability, economic justification, ecology, social inclusions, performance etc…

Bringing this message home in the midst of economic recession, dwindling power generation and distribution, global warming, the call for alternative considerations couldn’t be more apt and timely! I wonder what percentage of Nigerians enjoys electricity from the National grid for more than a third part of the day? (please inbox me if your area enjoys 8hrs or more electricity supply maybe I can consider relocation without breaking the bank’s vault)…again equity in question here.
As a practitioner in the construction industry, would you please join me in this promising expedition as I draw out enormous sustainable options available to us either as a user or designer of the built environment. It will be fun and insightful, I bet.

#AlbertEinstein said it is insane to do the same thing over and over, yet expect a different result. See you again, the same time and channel next week.

It’s your friend, #AbiodunSolanke advocating for #sustainability and #alternativetechnologies.


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